MJ Shahs of Sunset Plastic Surgery

MJ Shahs of Sunset Plastic Surgery

MJ Shahs of Sunset plastic surgery has been rumored since long ago especially due to her before and after surgery photos speculation. Her appearance seems changed compared than before and this makes many fans of the show question her whether she has done some surgery to enhance her appearance.

When there is a chance of the fans asking her about that, the 50-year-old never admitted or opened up about the plastic surgery. But, even when she did not want to talk about it, the viewers belief that she has gone under the knife to alter her facial area. Let’s take a look of some plastic surgery speculation that catch MJ.

MJ Shahs of Sunset Plastic Surgery rumors: true or false?

  1. Fillers and Botox

Before her marriage, MJ Shahs admitted that she lost some weight and try to have better appearance. This no doubt caused her to look skinner than before. However, this also sparks some speculation that she has restored some of the volume in her face due to weight lost with filler.

Dr. Ryan Neinstein, a profesional plastic surgeon who is an expertise in surgery field said that MJ’s face looks great and more balanced than before. Seems like the star also taking a good care of her skin. Add to that, another speculation appears and said she probably take a Botox to remove her fine lines and wrinkles on her forehead.

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  1. MJ Shahs Nose job

Another speculation that she has a nose job, but people assume she did not use a surgery to reshape her nose area, but a liquid nose job like filler. You can see on her old photos then compared with her recent pictures that her nose shape seems changed. There is more definition along her nose bridge.

  1. Breast reduction and skin treatments

MJ Shahs has admitted that she got a minor breast reduction a few years ago, however the surgery caused her to have major scars. Of course, as a public figure who often appear in front of the camera, the scars will cause her to feel uncomfortable specially if she wants to wear some revealing outfits.

This is why, she also said she got skin treatments to remove her keloid scars, skin discoloration and sun damage. Seems like she satisfied with the results because her skins now look better and she admitted that the cost for such treatment is a bit pricey.

And you can also tell that she really had breast reduction, because her breast size got smaller compared than before.

  1. MJ Shahs Lips surgery

Dr. Neinstein, an expert in plastic surgery speculated that MJ has lips surgery due to her lips look fuller and plump compared than before. It is probably due to the use of filler like Juvederm or Restylane to make her lips appear fuller and the result is great. It looks suitable for her facial structure.

Plastic surgery rumors in Hollywood industry is a thing and not so surprising. How about you? Do you think all of those speculations regarding MJ Shahs of Sunset plastic surgery is true or false? Tell us here!

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