Nancy O’ Dell Plastic Surgery

As an entertainment host and American journalist, Nancy O’ Dell plastic surgery rumors are common thing to surface in public. Especially when she is already in her 50s but she still appears fabulous with barely visible aging signs. Her face looks younger than her real age and thus many speculated that she went under the knife to maintain her youthful look.

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Nancy O’ Dell plastic surgery rumors are true or false?

As a public figure in Hollywood, Nancy O’ Dell has been caught by plastic surgery rumors. The media think that the host went under the knife because if you look her recent photo or when she appears on television show, you may notice there is no lines nor wrinkles but flawless and smooth face.

Many people even experts think that Nancy O’ Dell cosmetic surgery rumors are true such as:

  1. Botox injection

Of course, Nancy O’ Dell claimed she never done Botox injection when some people asked her the secret of her flawless face. However, many guessed that she gone all out for her beautiful appearance with Botox injections. You can compare her recent photos with her old photos and you can tell she is not getting old at all.

Dr. Kennet Mark, a cosmetic dermatologist believes that she got injection in her forehead as well as Voluma in the cheeks. Thankfully, the result appears natural and no botched face. No wrinkles on her forehead and it appears smoother while her cheeks look more youthful and fuller.

  1. Breast augmentation
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Breast augmentation is a procedure that aims to increase the volume and shape of the breasts. It usually being done with two methods like inserting implants and fat (fat transfer) into the breast. So, many people who feel unsatisfied with their breast size often done this procedure. And it seems Nancy O’ Dell also went under the knife for similar treatment.

Many people speculated Nancy looks more amazing with her recent body and despite being in her 50s, she appears sexy and hot. If you focus on her breasts then you can look that her breasts still look tight thus it creates rumors that she got augmentation in her breasts. Not to mention, she already gave birth once but it seems her body shape did not change that much after pregnancy.

  1. Rhinoplasty

The recent photos of Nancy O’ Dell create speculation that the host has done some nose job. It is because her nasal shape looks distinctly different and it is a clear sign of a rhinoplasty procedure. It makes her nose appears smaller and not bulky anymore especially on her nose tip. The procedure has successfully done because it gives her better angles during photo shoots.

What about you? Do you think she really went under the knife for those plastic surgery procedure mentioned above? As a public figure, maintain fresh and youthful appearance is a must and there is no way people can maintain their younger look with natural ways only. That’s why Nancy O’ Dell plastic surgery is surfaced.

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