Nevada Centre Eye Plastic Surgery – If you need some work done near your eyes area, then you might want to consider going to Nevada Centre Eye Plastic Surgery. This facility is located in 5435 Reno Corporate Drive in Ste 100 at Reno, Nevada 89511.

To go there first you need to book an appointment though their telephone number which is 775-322-3311 or you can also do so via fax though number 775-322-8388. This facility offers various services for the area around the eyes.

Nevada Centre Eye Plastic Surgery Services and Procedure

First service that this place offer is cosmetic procedure. It is dedicated for those who has problem with their eyes appearance and want to refresh their looks. There are a few procedures that is available for the cosmetic plastic surgery such as:

  1. Dermatochalasis

As people age, the skin on the eyelid can become thin then losing their elasticity. Then the fat bellow the skin will bulge forward and hung over the eyelid. Some people might also develop droopy eyebrow that will make the excess skin appear more prominent. To overcome these problems, then upper eyelid surgery is done.

  1. Blepharoplasty

This procedure is also known as eyelid lift which is done by making incision on the original eyelid crease to remove fats and excess skin. A lot of people get this procedure from Nevada Centre Eye Plastic Surgery to gain a natural youthful appearance.

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  1. Steatoblepharon

Besides problem in the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids can also experience similar problem. When that happen eyebags will start to form around the eyes and make the eyes look tired all the time. This procedure is done to remove the eyebags and make the eyes appear fresh.

  1. Brow lift
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Droopy eyebrows can also form as people age which will make the appearance of another eyelid condition become worse. To overcome that problem brow lift is done with various methods depends on how severe the brow ptosis condition is.

  1. Botox

For those who want a fast result without having to go under the knife then they can choose to use botox instead. This substance can be applied to smoothen the wrinkles and lines that appear around the eyes and face area.

It is also useful to reshape the eyebrows so it will become more prominent. You can see the example from Nevada Centre Eye Plastic Surgery before and after picture. Besides the eyes area, it can also be applied to neck, lips and jawline. It is effective and save method that can last around 3 to 4 months.

  1. Filler

The appearance of wrinkles and skin that sag because of age can be restore by inserting some fillers. There are various fillers that you can choose from which is suitable for different situation. This procedure can improve your appearance instantly and can last around 6 to 18months.

Besides those cosmetic procedure, Nevada Centre Eye Plastic Surgery also provides reconstructive surgery for the eyelids area. This service can be done to fix various problems that occurs that cannot be overcome with cosmetic procedure. You need to do consultation first before deciding which procedure is more suitable.

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