New Reflections Plastic Surgery

New Reflections Plastic Surgery – Those that want to get comfortable service can try to visit New Reflections Plastic Surgery. This facility is located in 1001 W main street in freehold, in New Jersey 07728. The team is lead by Dr Patel that hold board certification from American Board for plastic surgery.

Dr Patel promise to help you find the procedure that you are comfortable with that can address every fear and concern that you have. He will also use the most advanced technology and innovative procedure to ensure you get the best service that you need.

New Reflections Plastic Surgery Procedure and Service

When you visit the office, you will realize how calming and welcoming the atmosphere are. You can relax while listening to the soft music played in the room. But do not forget to be prepared before you meet Dr Patel. To do that, it is better when you know some services that the facility offers such as:

  1. Rhinoplasty

Enhance the appearance of your nose by having it reshape with this nose job. It is done by refining the appearance of the tip or by reducing the size of the hump of your nose. Dr Patel will be able to sculpture it and make it so it will match your face better.

  1. Facelift

As we age, some might notice wrinkles that form on various area of the face. To tighten the skin and smoothing out the appearance facelift is done. This New Reflections Plastic Surgery procedure can also help to improve jowls but still make it appear natural.

  1. Eyelid lift

Around the eyelid area there might be some extra skin or fat deposit that will make the eyes look puffy. You can reduce the appearance by doing blepharoplasty by removing those problems.

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  1. Neck lift

As we age, the skin around the neck and middle face area will start to sag. It will cost a lot of wrinkles around the area. Sagging skin around the neck can be remove by doing neck lift. It can also help you to get slimmer neck with more defined chin.

  1. Lip augmentation

For those who want to have fuller flips you can get this New Reflections Plastic Surgery service. It can help to increase your lips volume especially for those that have small and thin lips. It can also define the areas more and make the lips plumper.

  1. Neck liposuction

A lot of fats can build up around the neck and it will be hard to remove only by exercising. To cope with that, you can do neck liposuction that can help to redefine the neck and make the angle more prominent.

There are still many other services that you can get from this facility that can help you to improve your concern. Dr Patel knows that each patient has different needs so he will give detailed explanation that can help with your problem.

You can see from New Reflections Plastic Surgery before and after picture that he really done amazing job. If you want to know try to book appointment first so you can have consultation in the office immediately.

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