Northern Center for Plastic Surgery

You may want to check out Northern Center for Plastic Surgery or also known as NCPS when you decide to get plastic surgery to alter your appearance. This is one of the best surgery centers in New Jersey with skilled surgeon and professional team.

Meet their experienced doctor who is a double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Aaron Capuano, M.D., F.A.C.S. He is specialized in both reconstructive and plastic surgery including body, breast and facial surgeries. He also treats patients who have breast cancer and has done so many breasts reconstructive procedures for that.

He founded NCPS in Bergen County, NJ and dedicated himself to offer the best quality of care to the patients for their before, during and post-surgery. So, you can rest assured that Dr. Capuano plus his team can bring the best outcome for you.

Northern Center for Plastic Surgery review

To make the first step into your plastic surgery journey, you can book face-to-face or video call with Dr. Capuano. You can make a private consultation with him in your own home through this virtual call. You will also get essential information and additional medical assessment with their Patient Care coordinator.

In Northern Center New Jersey plastic surgery, you will be able to book for surgical and non-surgical procedures to solve your personal appearance issue such as:

  • Body

Body surgery can be done according to your personal matter. For example, there is breast plastic surgery like breast augmentation which used to restore or increase the size of the women’s breast. It is one of the most frequently plastic surgery procedures performed in America.

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Other body plastic surgeries including mommy makeover, liposuction, body lift, buttock lift, tummy tuck, and many more. Request a procedure can be done after consultation so they can understand what treatment you really need.

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  • Face

Dr. Capuano plastic surgery also offers facial procedures like brow lift, face augmentation, earlobe reconstruction, eyelid surgery, facelift, facelift for men, neck lift, ear surgery, etc. There are also some of non-surgical procedures like Botox, fillers, daily and preventative skin care, and such.

You may understand that face is important aspect in our appearance and if you feel that you need to alter your facial area, you can take this type of plastic surgery. Especially those who want to erase their aging signs, they can try maintaining their youthful look with one of these procedures. Same goes for those who want to remove or reshape some of their facial part like the nose, ear, eyelid, etc.

  • Hands

Hands are very important body parts for so many reasons and if you having some issues regarding this part then you can request for hand surgery by NCPS. The team can perform difficult tasks to solve your problem related with patient’s hands. Hand surgery is a unique surgery procedure among surgical specialties and thus, you need a well-trained surgeon to do this.

Northern Center for Plastic Surgery offers Medical Spa as well for people who want to take skin treatments. This procedure including Vampire Facial, Botox to Hydrafacial. For more information, please contact their Patient or Customer Care.

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