Pacific Plastic Surgery Eugene – You might have heard about Pacific Plastic Surgery Eugene before since this facility is quite popular in the area. It is located in 743 Country Club Road in Eugene, Oregon 97401. There are 3 physicians in this facility, Dr Christiansen, Dr Dreyer, and Dr Schultz.

The surgeon is specialized in general surgery, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, as well as plastic surgery. Since there are more than one surgeon that you can visit, that means you can be more flexible when trying to get an appointment with one of them. Remember to get consultation first before you book any procedure.

Pacific Plastic Surgery Eugene Service and Procedure

This facility offers various procedures that can help you gain more advanced and aesthetic appearance. Of course, each procedure will be customized to fulfill your need. This is why, you need to have one on one talk with the physician beforehand. Some of the procedures includes:

  1. Cosmetic Surgery

The cosmetic surgery is done in various part of the face and body. They are specifically created to give you the best appearance as naturally as possible. Some of the procedure can be invasive while other can be non-invasive.

You can also try to combine both types of procedure to achieve the best look that you want. Those procedures include facelift, eyelid surgery, brow lift, laser peel, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, eye lift, and tummy tuck.

  1. Reconstructive surgery

This surgery is a special surgery that is done to reconstruct the appearance of your body to gain previous look. Usually it is done by Pacific Plastic Surgery Eugene patients that undergo several procedures or have experience that alter parts of their body.

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By doing reconstructive surgery, their body part appearance can be recovered as they used to. It can be done in various area of the body and face. The procedures that available in this facility is breast reconstruction surgery.

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  1. Hand surgery

Besides the breast area, there are other area that need some reconstruction surgery which is the hands. Usually the condition is caused by carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis. The condition can be mild or severe according to the Pacific Plastic Surgery Eugene patient’s condition.

To cope with the condition hand surgery is done since on severe cases some patient might not be able to do basic things. This procedure will be able to help them enjoy their life and do things that they do before the injury. The procedures include carpal tunnel surgery and hand therapy.

  1. Breast enhancement

It is one of the most common procedures that done by many people. It is done to enhance the appearance of the breast by reducing the size, lifting the breast or increasing the size. Of course, the procedure done will be tailored according to the patients need in a method that suit them the most.

As you can see Pacific Plastic Surgery Eugene offers quite a number of service and procedures that are very useful. They can help you to enhance the appearance and make you become your best self.

Sadly, this facility is already permanently closed so you cannot find them anymore. It seems like the physicians have also part ways and join other facilities. So, if you have a favorite surgeon you can go there instead.

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