PAMF Plastic Surgery Los Altos

PAMF Plastic Surgery Los Altos is one of the cosmetic surgery departments owned by a non-profit organization, Palo Alto Medical Foundation or PAMF. They offer board certified surgeons to perform many wide variety of surgery procedures for both women and men.

The Palo Alto center have high quality and full range services of plastic surgery so if you want to get some help to achieve these goals then you can contact their team. We also will provide several information regarding their featured surgery services.

List of PAMF Plastic Surgery Lost Altos procedures

There are so many services available at PAMF Los Altos plastic surgery and each of the procedure meets specific needs such as:

  1. Body contouring

This is the best procedure if you want to alter your appearance and seems like exercise is not enough to reshape your body. There are full range of services for this kind of cosmetic surgery from a procedure to tighten your body to a procedure that helps you to get rid excess fats. Many of body contouring procedures can be combined together to achieve more maximum outcome as well. Examples of these kind of procedures including arm lift, thigh lift, fat grafting, body lift, and many more.

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  1. Breast reshaping

If you want to have beautiful breasts then you can plan for this type of surgery. In Palo Alto Medical Foundation, you can get full range of procedures to amplify or restore the appearance of your breast. The most common procedure that people often request is breast augmentation to help increase the size of your smaller breast and make it balanced plus larger.

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There is also a breast reduction, to help people who find larger breast size uncomfortable to have. Furthermore, they have gynecomastia for men, a type of surgical correction for men who have too large or over developed breast on their chest area.

  1. Facial contouring

If you lost confidence or you just did not feel satisfied with the way you look especially because some part of your facial area, then you can request facial contouring procedure. This help to reshape or enhance your facial look, like if you want to reshape your nose or you want to improve appearance of your cheek, chin or jaw then this procedure suitable best for you.

Examples of facial contouring that available in PAMF plastic surgery department such as ear surgery, nose job or rhinoplasty, cheek implants, neck lift and so on.

  1. Skin care and rejuvenation

If you want to get rid your age signs like the wrinkles on your forehead or shaggy skins on your neck, then you may want to try this type of non-surgical procedure. These services include Botox and dermal fillers injection to remove wrinkle, chemical peels, laser pigment correction, light therapy for hair removal to skin discoloration, laser skin tightening, and so on.

Those are some of the treatments available in PAMF medical department. And if you want to find out more about PAMF Plastic Surgery Los Altos financing option, you can contact their cosmetic surgery services.


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