Park Seo Joon Plastic Surgery – All K Drama lover must already know about Park Seo Joon as he is one of the most popular actors in Korea. He reaches his breakthrough from the role that he had in “Kill me, Heal me” a Korean drama series. That is when Park Seo Joon plastic surgery rumor start.

At that time, he was still young, but people already admire his acting skill and of course his handsome face. He looks really sweet and charming face especially when he smiles that enchanted a lot of young women and mothers alike.

Park Seo Joon Plastic Surgery Fact Check

Of course, as popularity arise then a lot of rumor start to rise as well. One of the biggest rumors that people question is whether Park Seo Joon had plastic surgery or not. It is understandable as Korea is very well known for their plastic surgery industry.

When we see Park Seo Joon himself, then we should see it from when she is young. Especially since a few moments ago, some people found his childhood pictures online. This can then be use as Park Seo Joon before and after to see the changes in his appearance.

When comparing the childhood picture with his early career days, we could not see much different. His nose is still small and balanced so it eliminates the possibility of rhinoplasty procedure.

If he done anything on his appearance at that time, we would never know since the changes are very subtle. But this still not stopping anyone from speculating that Park Seo Joon plastic surgery indeed happened.

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Park Seo Joon Eyelid Surgery

Now let us compare the same picture with his current appearance. As you can see, now there are some difference that we can spot from this picture. First, we can see that his eyes have become wider and bigger. A typical thing that Korean want in their beauty standard.

This show that eyelid surgery procedure might have been done somewhere along his career. But the surgery might be done very subtle so it would not be too obvious without keen eyes that compare the picture.

Another thing that people notice is his skin that appear lighter than his younger days. This makes people speculate that Park Seo Joon plastic surgery skin lightening procedure is done. Another thing on Korean beauty standard that wants someone with lighter skin.

Coming back to the face, we can see that his jawline has come more chiseled than before. Previously his jawline is more extended but now it looked subtle as it is slightly reduced. This makes his face appear more manly and handsome.


Of course, it is very rare in Korea for an actor to admit whether they have gone under the knife or not. This also applies to Park Seo Joon that says his appearance is all-natural. Of course, we should consider the possibilities of different lighting that makes his skin look brighter.

Not to mention different angle that makes his jawline appear sharp and his eyes look bigger. But people still wonder whether Park Seo Joon plastic surgery really happen or not since the actor would never admit it himself.

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