Pena Plastic Surgery

Pena Plastic Surgery

Pena Plastic Surgery which is located in Naples, Florida, offers wide variety of both surgical and non-surgical procedures for those who want to enhance their appearance. Pena surgery center has helped so many patients to fulfill their desired look through personalized safe procedure. So, before you decided to take one as well, you can gather some information of review regarding what kind of procedure they have and the goal of each procedure.

Who is Dr. Manuel Pena?

As the medical director of both Pena surgery center and La Piel MedSpa, Dr. Manuel Pena is already board-certified plastic surgeon with a lot of skills and experiences. He completed general surgery residency at University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital as well as a plastic surgery residency at Medical College of Georgia.

Many reviews said that he is one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida. He listens carefully about the patient’s need and very caring. Dr. Pena cares a lot about before and after plastic surgery treatments and you can ask for consultation with him to talk about all of your requests and goals for the plastic surgery results that you want.

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Pena Plastic Surgery surgical and non-surgical procedures

There are wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures available in Dr. Pena cosmetic surgery which you can requested during the consultation such as:

  1. Face enhancements

Face enhancements used to alter your facial look and there are wide range of procedures can be used according to the need. For example, eyelid surgery, brow lift, facelift, mini facelift, lip augmentation, neck lift, facial implants, ear pinning, and many more.

Each of the procedure can be used to reduce wrinkles or to get rid shaggy skins on area you want the most to treat. There are also procedures to change the shape of your facial area like nose job or rhinoplasty or facial implants and such.

  1. Body contouring

If you want to change the contour or the shape of your body then you may look for body contouring procedures. You can rejuvenate your appearance with several types of treatments such as liposuction, fat grafting, arm lift, body lift, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, and many more.

You can consult with the doctor and the staff to tell them about your desired look. Ask them about the risk and the benefits offered by the procedure you want to have. Choose the treatment that suitable best for you.

  1. Breast enhancements

If you feel that your breast is too small or too large then you can reshape them with breast enhancements procedure. Some type of procedure can help you to make your breast bigger and others can help you to reduce the size of your breast.

There is breast lift, breast augmentation, breast asymmetry, breast reduction for men and women, and so on. Ask and consult the surgeon to find the right procedure for your need.

  1. Non-surgical procedures

As for the non-surgical procedures, they offer skin care, body contouring and rejuvenation using non surgery treatments, and such.

Hope these review of Pena Plastic Surgery procedures and treatments help you find the right choice.

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