Plastic Surgery Revision

Plastic Surgery Revision

When the cosmetic surgery does not go as planned you may want to consider plastic surgery revision. It is often being done by those who feel unsatisfied with their former plastic surgery result thus they want to fix it to achieve the desired look.

However, when you want to do surgery revision, there are so many things need to be considered. For example, the cost of surgery revision probably will be as expensive as your first plastic surgery. Other things to consider are the safety and the quality of the result because there will always be a risk of unsatisfying result or complication. Even though you choose high skilled surgeon, the risks always be there.

When you need plastic surgery revision?

Not all people need plastic or cosmetic surgery revision and it is even better if you do not need it. Because revision means something is wrong or there is complication in your first surgical procedure. Surgery revision is one of the unfortunate conditions in plastic surgery industry and the risk is higher when patients did not choose their surgeon thoroughly.

So, when you need surgery revision? Below are some reasons that can be used as a sign whether you need surgery revision or not:

  1. The result of your former plastic surgery is asymmetrical
  2. You have too many plastic surgeries being done in a very short time
  3. There are complications in healing whether external or internal scaring
  4. Incorrect surgical approach being done for previous plastic surgery procedure
  5. When a procedure is not suitable for particular anatomy of patients
  6. Patients get allergic or adverse reactions from injected or implant substances

The question continues as to who should perform these particular plastic surgery revisions? It depends on the situation. It may be acceptable if the previous surgeon also performs the revision for patient if:

  • The surgeon also has experience in performing revision for plastic surgery
  • The surgery has low rate of complication and you just happen to be unlucky to experience complication
  • You want to have different result or want something different after previous surgery being done

However, you may want to point a new surgeon who specialized in surgery revision when:

  • You ended up in totally different outcome than the one you really want to have
  • You have severe wound healing problems after plastic surgery and they even cause structural damage so you may need reconstructive plastic surgery
  • The surgeon performs incorrect procedure which cause undesirable result

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How to avoid the revision?

Of course, it is better to avoid plastic surgery revision by consider to have very experienced surgeon at first. You have to carefully select the doctors or surgeons when you want to have cosmetic or plastic surgery. They must be from professional team and you also feel comfortable when talk about your medical history.

It probably takes some time to carefully choose your plastic surgeon but the result will be worth it. Moreover, you can also ensure that the procedure will be safe, effective and will give desired result.

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