Plastic Surgery Scranton PA – If you live in northeast area of Pennsylvania, you might want to find the best Plastic Surgery Scranton PA facility. The name of the facility is taken from the leader of the team who is Dr. Scot R. McKenna.

He has served Scranton area for decades which is why he is very famous in the industry. He is known to deliver great medical care with cutting edge technology that focusing on the patients. The facility is also family friendly and very warm so you will feel welcomed during your visit.

Dr McKenna Plastic Surgery Scranton PA

The facility is able to treat patients from all ages. Children, teenagers, adults even seniors are welcome in the facility. The team are very compassionate, they are very focus on quality and provides care that is very cost effective.

The leader of the team is Dr. McKenna he is very knowledgeable and has long experience in the industry. He decided in 1999 that the main focus from solo practice is plastic surgery. The reason why he decides to do that is so he can focus to give all patients the best result from their procedure.

Dr McKenna hold double certification from ABPS as well as ABS so he can do reconstructive procedure and cosmetic procedure. He is very committed to stay in the very front of the technology and will always use the latest surgical technique. So, the patients in Plastic Surgery Scranton PA can get the best service.

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Procedure available

  1. Body and face

Dr McKenna has long experience in plastic surgery so he can help you to achieve your goal and need. He can perform wide range of procedure for your body and face so you can feel more confident. The procedure available are brow lift, arm lift, face lift, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

  1. Breast

Breast procedure is very personal so all patients really deserve the best experience during the treatment. Whether you do cosmetic procedure and reconstructive procedure, Plastic Surgery Scranton PA will perform the best procedure for you. The procedures available are breast lift, breast augmentation, beast reconstruction, and breast reduction.

  1. Reconstructive

Certain physical condition might give you discomfort and affect your confidence. It can happen to everyone, and can be a huge thing for each person. Dr McKenna is determined to help patients reconstruct the area according to the goal that they have. The procedures for this area such as skin cancer, gynecomastia, and scar revision.

  1. Non-Invasive

There are a few non-invasive procedures offered by the facility. These procedures usually aimed to give you a more youthful and plump skin that can help with aging signs. The non-invasive procedures such as chemical peels, Botox, dermal fillers, laser therapy and sclerotherapy.

Those are some of the procedures available in Plastic Surgery Scranton PA facility under Dr McKenna team. The team will really help you achieve the goal that you want, so you might want to visit the facility to get your consultation. Dr McKenna will help you to find the right procedures for the goal that you really want.

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