Potomac Facial Plastic Surgery Reviews

Potomac Facial Plastic Surgery Reviews

You may need to read Potomac facial plastic surgery reviews before decided to take a procedure with them. As plastic surgery clinic that served in Washington DC, Potomac priority is to help patients achieve their personal goals to get more aesthetic look with sophisticated technique and procedure.

They have Dr. Houtan Chaboki as the founder as well as medical director in Potomac Plastic Surgery. He is a surgeon specialized eyelid surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty and non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox injection.

Visitors do not only to experience the best surgeon, but also modern and safe facilities to perform plastic surgery and its treatments.

Potomac facial plastic surgery reviews and treatments

In Potomac Plastic Surgery, there are so many procedures and wide variety treatments available such as:

  1. Facelift and mid facelift

These procedures help to reduce wrinkles as well as make your shaggy skin tighter so you can achieve younger appearance. Furthermore, the mid facelift also known as cheek lift will help to restore your fullness and make your look more youthful for the middle part of your face.

  1. Brow lift

This procedure helps to erase forehead wrinkles, frown lines and drooping eyebrows.

  1. Neck lift

It has similar purpose just like facelift, however this procedure will be done to tighten shaggy skin on the neck area. It helps to tighten the loose skin and removes excess fat from the neck or under the chin.

  1. Eyelid surgery and Asian eyelid surgery

This procedure which also known as blepharoplasty helps to remove aging signs around the eyes and make it appears younger. Meanwhile, the Asian one has a goal to help those who want to have more defined upper eyelid crease.

  1. Chin and cheek augmentation

The chin augmentation gives you more symmetry look while the cheek one help to give more sculpted look by enhance the midface area.

  1. Rhinoplasty

For those who want to get nose job then this is the procedure. There are two varieties of rhinoplasty that can be done for both cosmetic and medical purpose. The first one is cosmetic procedure to changes the shape and size of your nose in order to improve its appearance. The second one is medical rhinoplasty to improve breathing by correcting nasal airways.

  1. Ear surgery

Otoplasty or ear surgery helps to fix overly large ears.

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There are so many other varieties of procedure that can be done by Dr. Chaboki Plastic Surgery and make sure you know what you need before the procedure is being done. These procedures can be done for both men and women. And they even have various procedures specially to address issues faced by male patients.

Moreover, they offer varieties of non-surgical treatments like chemical peels, Botox, fat transfer, facial fillers, lip enhancement, skin care and non-surgical facelift. You can request all these treatments if you prefer procedure that does not require long recovery period.

Usually, you can combine these treatments with surgical procedure, request it to be performed alone or after/before plastic surgery. Hope all these Potomac facial plastic surgery reviews help you to consider have their treatments.

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