Princess Love Pre Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.livePrincess Love pre plastic surgery is something that you have to pay attention to if you want to know the result. Love has gained a lot of attention every since her appearance as video vixen thus she becomes more popular as well.

That might be the reason why people start to search for her picture in the early days of her career. As a model she must have taken a lot of picture in her career. Furthermore, she is also work as fashion designer which means she must pay a lot of attention on her clothing.

Princess Love Pre Plastic Surgery Look

When you look at her appearance in the younger days, you will notice a lot of difference. This might be the reason why many people suspect her of doing plastic surgery. Then people also want to see her look pre-plastic surgery so they can compare her before and after appearance.

Comparing her look, you will notice that she actually appears different than before. you can see the differences on her face as well as her body. these changes make a lot of people shocked when they see her pre-surgery picture.

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Nose Before Surgery

As a mother of a daughter named Melody and a Son named Epik from her marriage with Ray J, Love is very blessed. However, it seems that she is not satisfy with the way her nose look. In Princess Love pre plastic surgery, you can see how her nose is flat and blunt.

However, if you compare it to her current appearance, you will notice that her nose is now shaper and pointier. It is understandable that she wants to change her nose by doing rhinoplasty to follow Hollywood beauty standard.

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Breast Before Surgery

Now let us take a look at her body which actually shocked my people. If you go way back to the beginning of her career, you will see that Love has smaller breast which actually suit her body proportion.

Then moving forward for a bit, you will see a few pictures of her having bigger and more prominent breast. These pictures are taken when she use breast implants to increase the size of her breast.

Her decision is actually shocking to many people because it changes her appearance dramatically. Some even went further by bashing her and makes her regret the decision. In the end she decides to remove the implants to go natural once again.

Princess Love Pre Plastic Surgery Face

Some people with more keen eyes will be able to notice a few differences on her face. The change is subtle but you will notice that her facial structures is different from it used to. Her cheek book has also become more pointier which makes her face appear slimmer and youthful. From these changes we can take a guess that she might have done face lift to achieve the look.


As you can see there are many differences that you can find on Princess Love pre plastic surgery look. The differences suggest that she might have gone under the knife a few times to alter a few parts of her body and face.

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