Raine Center for Plastic Surgery

Raine Center for Plastic Surgery

Raine Center for Plastic Surgery in Illinois has been performed surgery for years for cosmetic or aesthetic purpose and specialized in both facial and body surgeries. Now, you can also find Dr. Talmage Raine working in Mia Aesthetic, visit the office if you want to know more about its treatments available.

Dr. Rainer himself is a plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experiences in surgery field. He is graduated from Northwestern University with Biochemistry degree before trained in Medical College of Wisconsin. After that, he completed his surgery residency at Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago and then visiting Emory University to complete his plastic surgery residency.

He has been working with so many skilled plastic surgeons and been mentored by excellent senior in plastic surgery industry. Now, after years of training and performing surgery for many patients, he already established his own center and name.

Raine Center for Plastic Surgery treatments list

Dr. Raine plastic surgery can perform wide range of surgery services; however, he specifically enjoys to perform facial reconstruction surgeries for eyes, face and nose as well as body contouring. He is very confident and guarantee the best natural-looking result for each of the patient he met and he also dedicated himself to perform surgery and take it as his big responsibility.

Below are some of plastic surgery treatments that can be performed by Dr. Raine:

  1. Facial surgery

It is very known that facial surgery is one of the most popular procedures asked by so many people in order to alter their appearance. Of course, there is also a health purposes of why people need to take facial surgery. As for Dr. Raine, he can perform facial surgery very well and he is very confidence with the result.

His goal is to offer not only good result outside, but also inside because with good result, he hopes the patient can boost their confidence and become more comfortable with their appearance.

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  1. Body surgery

Body surgery is also as important as facial surgery, especially for those who cannot achieve their desired look with diet or exercise only. This is why, many plastic surgeons offer wide range of body surgery for each of body parts with different method and technique.

For those who are uncomfortable with the way their body look like, either because some are appear asymmetry, too big, too small, loosen, or any other issues and concerns, you can contact Dr. Raine surgery clinic to perform body surgery. He also skilled in body contouring procedures which can help to eliminate fat, reshape your body and tighten your skin.

  1. Non-surgical procedures

People can ask for non-surgical procedures to complete or complement their surgery treatment or just take it individually to treat their appearance issues especially the skin. Dr. Raine offers aesthetic non-surgery treatments including Juvederm, Botox and other injectables procedures to treat patient.

If you want to know about the cost of Raine Center for Plastic Surgery treatments as well as how to schedule some appointment, you can contact Mia aesthetic or Raine surgery center.

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