Rawnsley Plastic Surgery

Rawnsley plastic surgery is one of the best surgery clinics that you can found at Los Angeles. It is not only offering the best plastic surgery procedures that you may need, but also professional and more experienced surgeon. So, if you want to do plastic surgery that is guaranteed to be safe and comfortable, then this clinic can be your first choice.

Who are they and what they are offer?

About Dr. Rawnsley, a professional surgeon

Dr. Rawnsley is facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with more than 15 years experiences and already conducted over 5,000 plastic surgery procedures. He has been trained in several fields of plastic surgery such as microsurgery, aesthetics to neck and head surgery. He has completed his education and earned degrees at various well-known universities in medicine to healthy policy field.

He has also been a professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. Not only does he perform plastic surgery procedures, but he also frequently consults with other plastic surgery experts around the world. Furthermore, he has a lot of expertise thanks to his training in Facial Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery fields.

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What kind of procedures offered in Rawnsley Plastic Surgery clinic?

You can schedule your appointment now with Dr. Rawnsley surgery center at Los Angeles and choose these kinds of procedures offered such as:

  1. Rhinoplasty

The first procedure is plastic surgery on the nose or better known as rhinoplasty. This procedure cannot be done haphazardly because the shape of the nose will affect the appearance of the entire face and its balance. If you want to have a nose shape that still looks natural and in harmony with your face, then you can consult now with Dr. Rawnsley.

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There are several types of rhinoplasty surgery that are offered so that your wound is invisible and disappears quickly.

  1. Ethnic Rhinoplasty

This is actually one of the types of rhinoplasties offered by Dr. Rawnsley where the nose is operated according to your face shape and ethnicity. Thus, the operated nose will not always be the same because it will adjust to your ethnicity. Each person’s face has a unique shape, so it can be adapted to your ethnicity.

Not everyone can do this procedure. Those who are less experienced can make the exact same nose shape for several people. But not for Dr. Rawnsley, therefore please consult your wishes directly to him.

  1. Revision Rhinoplasty

Have you ever had a plastic surgery procedure on your nose before? But unfortunately, the results are unsatisfactory, disappointing or even failed? Dr. Rawnsley plastic surgery center offers a revision rhinoplasty procedure which aims to revise the shape of your nose that has been previously operated on. But the result does not satisfy you.

  1. Minimally invasive and facelift

Do you want to look younger than your actual age? Does your face have a lot of wrinkles in various areas of the face? You can try to consult with Dr. Rawnsley who offers this reliable and effective anti-aging procedure.

That’s all about Rawnsley Plastic Surgery clinic that may be useful for you. Please contact them if you want more detailed information regarding the procedures as well as the cost.

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