Romo Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveRomo Plastic Surgery is the best facility in New York which well known for their cosmetic procedures and various surgeries. This facility also able to provide highest quality care towards all patients who looks for the best expert to treat their face.

This clinic has two locations. The first one is located in Manhattan and the second one is located in Long Island. Do not worry as both locations have very welcoming atmosphere that are designed specially to make you feel at home.

Romo Plastic Surgery

This facility is led by Dr Thomas Romo who are very experienced in plastic surgery environment. He has great artistic skill and superior surgical ability that can give you the best result.

He shows deep concern to the patients who want to correct or improve their appearance using several facial procedures. Furthermore, he often works with various high-profile people such as politicians, businessmen, and celebrities from all over the world. Thus, you can be sure to receive the best care and results that you dreamed of.

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Procedures Available in The Facility

Romo Plastic Surgery team will help you to be confident and feel happy by improving your appearance using various procedure. Some of the procedures can be done for aesthetic purpose but they can also be done for medical reason. Some of the procedure available are:

  1. Facelift

This procedure can turn back time and transform your life. It can help to remove the wrinkles around your face and make you feel younger.

  1. Eyebrow lift
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Rejuvenating and correct Aging brow line easily using this procedure. It can help you to achieve youthful look.

  1. Blepharoplasty

Skin around the eyelid area is thinner than the rest of your face, thus it often shows aging signs early. You can correct them using this eyelid surgery which can be done to both lower and upper eyelid at once.

  1. Platysmaplasty

Romo Plastic Surgery procedure that is done to help reducing aging sign around the area by soften neck bands appearance.

  1. Rhinoplasty

Changing the appearance of your nose can easily be done using this cosmetic procedure that is also known as nose job.

There is also revision version that is the second procedure done to repair the appearance of the nose. Usually, person with excess cartilage due to bone removal from the first version will use this procedure to repair their condition.

The last version of the procedure is the ethnic rhinoplasty that is performed for person of certain ethnic descent such as Asian or African American. This procedure helps to change the nose appearance.

  1. Facial implants

Implants that are injected to facial are biocompatible to ensure their safety. This implant will be use on several facial deficiencies areas and fill it. The results are contoured and more defined facial structure.

  1. Ear Surgery

This cosmetic surgery can change the appearance of the ears. This procedure can help to reshape and correct big or stick out ears.

Those are the procedures that are offered by Romo Plastic Surgery to help you with your concern. Dr Romo can help and guide you through each procedure to ensure you get the result that you want.

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