Ronda Rousey Face Plastic Surgery – As a professional wrestler Ronda Rousey is no stranger to injury. In fact, she had got a lot of injuries during her career as WWE member. That is why, people are amazed how she is able to maintain her beauty even after those injuries thus Ronda Rousey Face Plastic Surgery rumour start.

As we all know that injuries especially those that are gained after a fight can be brutal. Furthermore, they can become permanent and also leave scars which surely affect her appearance. But until now you cannot see anything like that from her appearance.

Did Ronda Rousey Face Plastic Surgery Really Happen?

It is understandable that Ronda need to keep her appearance in check. Especially since besides fighting as a wrestler she’s also an actress. As a woman that has career in movie industry, she really needs to take a good care of her appearance.

However, her choice of fighting professionally in the ring surely give huge effect on that process. The injuries that she gets on the fight is not light and can affect her appearance forever. So, it is possible that Ronda Rousey face plastic surgery happen to help her overcome that problem.

A notable injury that she gains is from her recent fight with Holly Holm. The injuries that she gets in the fight at Melbourne really give huge effect on her life. Not only because she lost the match but also because her face is battered after the fight.

Holly Holm is said to have break Ronda Rousey jaw and split her lips open. You can see how her lips bleeding after the fights among other injuries that she got in her face at that time. Surely this is a huge concern for her fans that still want to see the beauty of their idol.

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UFC President Call to Do Plastic Surgery to Ronda Rousey’s Face

After the fight battered and defeated, Ronda Rousey face another dilemma. That is because the injuries in her face at that time is so severe it might give her a huge scar. Dana White as the president of UFC saw this and act as fast as they could accordingly.

The best plastic surgeon from Australia is brought back right after the fight do Ronda Rousey face plastic surgery to fix the problem. White said that they would not use the help from a doctor since they would not be able to prevent the scar.

But a plastic surgeon can avoid that problem by stitching the wound from inside the lips. That way, it would not leave any scar that can affect her appearance. Luckily her jaw is not broken so there is no further worry about that.


As you can see Ronda Rousey face plastic surgery did happen after the fight in Australia. Her wound is so severe it needs to be treated differently and only plastic surgeon that can do that.

When Ronda Rousey got back to Lost Angels, she covers the lower part of her face because of this. She tries to hide the plastic surgery effect that happen afterwards. But since Dana White already openly said they do it, she could not deny it.

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