Saltz Plastic Surgery

Saltz Plastic Surgery

Saltz plastic surgery can be one of the best surgery clinics in Utah. They are managed by Dr. Renato Saltz and his staff to provide personalized service that can help the patients feel better about their appearance.

Dr. Saltz himself is a board-certified plastic surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and he is specialized in both facial and body surgeries including body contouring, facial rejuvenation and breast surgery. He guarantees to bring the best natural results for his patients with full attention to service and detail.

The Saltz surgery clinic has very skilled and experienced surgeon with highly trained staff to offer you wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Below are the list of surgery and non-surgery services which you can take.

List of Saltz plastic surgery and non-surgery services

If you are looking for facial, body and breast procedures then in Saltz Utah Plastic Surgery, they have the services that you really need such as:

  1. Facial surgery

Some of the reasons people want to do facial surgery is because they want to alter their facial appearance. Although some of them also done it due to reconstructive or health purposes. In Saltz surgery center, you can request several facial surgeries according to your need like eyelid surgery, facelift, facial aesthetic package, brow lift, nose job or rhinoplasty, hair transplant, laser skin resurfacing, lip augmentation, ear surgery and chin implant.

Please before you choose which of the facial surgery will be performed on you, you can consult with the surgeon to understand more about this procedure.

  1. Body surgery

Body surgery that can be performed by Dr. Saltz Plastic Surgery in Utah such as body contouring. This procedure can help you to achieve flawless body proportion which cannot be achieved by diet or exercise. There are also Liposuction procedure to remove fat in some parts of your body like the inner knees, thighs, abdomen, chest, ankles, and many more.

Other procedures that available such as mommy makeover for women after labor, tummy tuck, arm lift, buttocks lift, lower body lift, and Cellfina.

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  1. Breast surgery

To enhance your appearance especially on the chest part or the breast, you can request for breast surgery. Cosmetic breast surgery is used to improve your appearance whether you want to reduce, augment or lift your breast. In Saltz surgery center, they can perform breast lift, augmentation, reduction and implant exchange. There is also breast reconstruction as well as breast implant removal.

With breast surgery, you can try to reshape your breast, make them more asymmetry or you want to make them bigger and tighter. There is also a procedure to make your breast appear smaller.

  1. Non-surgical procedure

Aside surgery treatment, Saltz also offer non-surgery procedure and they mostly used for skin treatment. Some of them can be performed with injection and another is with laser technology. This kind of procedures can be requested by those who want to treat their skins but too afraid to do plastic surgery.

Hope all these reviews regarding Saltz plastic surgery services help you to pick the one that suitable best for your concern.

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