Seo In Guk Plastic Surgery

Seo In Guk Plastic Surgery rumor rise up as his career as actor and singer also rise up as he becomes more popular. After winning Superstar K, he got a lot of offer on acting industry where he acts in many television series.

However, as well all know gaining popularity means that the pressure also rise up. Especially in Korea where the beauty standard is really high. Furthermore, a lot of people also compare his before and after picture that show there are a few changes in his appearance.

Various Changes Happen from Seo In Guk Plastic Surgery

  1. Weight

After he is popular, picture from the past before his debut comes out. This becomes controversial as there are some changes, we can see in the picture when comparing his current look. The first changes that we can see from his picture is the change on his weight.

It is very clear that Seo In Guk has lose a lot of his weight. This makes him appear different from before as the shape of his face also changed. Before his face appear rounder as his cheek also chubbier. But now his face is more defined and his jawline appear sharper and more visible. He said himself that he manages to lost at around 11 kilograms of his weight.

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  1. Nose job

However, if you see up close, there are even more changes that you can see on his appearance. Especially on his nose where now it is more chiseled with thinner nose bridge and higher tip.

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This makes people suspect that Seo In Guk Plastic Surgery nose job had happened and he choose to change his appearance. It is understandable that he did this since when he lost his weight and his face becomes thinner, this makes his nose appear big which not suit his face at all. If he really does this surgery then he made a good choice.

  1. Eyelid surgery

As Asian having small eyes like Seo In Guk is very normal thing. However, the beauty standard in Korea speak otherwise. They prefer eyes that are bigger and more lifted since it appear fresh.

As you can see, he used to have saggy eyelid that makes his eyes look droopy. This makes him appear unappealing which is very crucial thing for an actor. However, after Seo In Guk Plastic Surgery his eyes have become bigger and his eyes sharper. It seems that he had done surgery to remove the saggy eyelid. Again, it is a good choice for him as he appears fresher and more interesting with his new eyes.

As you can see there are some changes in Seo In Guk appearance which makes a lot of people suspect that he did plastic surgery. it is unknown whether he really did any procedure since the actor have not say anything about it before.

No matter if the changes is from Seo In Guk plastic surgery or not, but he looks good with his new appearance. So, it is a good thing for him as it also makes him becomes even more popular with a lot of new fans following him

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