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Seo In-Guk Plastic Surgery – Did Seo-In-Guk plastic surgery just a hoax or it is true? If you love to watch Korean drama or most people now by the popular abbreviation, K-drama then you should know one of the most popular K-drama’s actors, Seo In-Guk. He known not only for his acting plus singing career, but also because of his handsome look, not to mention nice body too.

He was born on October 23 and already casted for so many important roles in K-dramas since 2009. As a multitalented actor, Seo-In-Guk often get questioned, not only by his fans but also people who are curious how he can get such a good-looking face. Has he had plastic surgery for his face? If he did really undergo a plastic surgery then what does he look like before plastic surgery? We try to answer that today!

Seo-In-Guk plastic surgery? Baseless rumor or it is true?

If you try to search for Seo-In-Guk before plastic surgery photos you might will found several pictures on internet. Apparently his before and after surgery showed significant differences not only on his face, but also his body. Seo-In-Guk old pictures showed that he seems carry some weight compared with his appearance now which looks slimmer.

Some sources said that he went on a diet that cause his lost weight up to 22 pounds. That’s why no wonder he looks different today if you compare him to his old photos. Moreover, he also gave some diet tips for those who want to follow his steps. He said that he prefers to eat boiled foods rather than fried foods plus he like to consume healthy snacks such as walnuts.

Because of his weight lost, his face also looked different. The fats on his face are gone thus it made his face looks thinner than before. It is all thanks to his strict diet. But, what about the plastic surgery rumour? Had he plastic surgery for his nose or jaw because it looks sharper?

Some sources revealed that Seo-In-Guk had plastic surgery before especially on his nose and eyes. If you look carefully and more detailed, then you can see that his nose looks sharper than he used to be. This is why some people assume he undergo rhinoplasty, a procedure to make some part of the nose appear better.

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Some people also assume that he had plastic surgery on his eyes. They think that the handsome actor had surgery for his eyelids. Seems that the surgery used to lift the eyelids and erase the sagging skin.

There are so many rumours around Seo-In-Guk good looks. Some people may believe he went plastic surgery. But others especially his fans said it is just because of weight lost and he did not go a surgery at all. How about you? Do you believe the actor went a plastic surgery or not?

Tell us your thought around Seo-In-Guk plastic surgery here. Whether you believe it or not? If not then why and if yes then you also need to tell us your reason! We are happy to read some of your comment.

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