Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveSerena Williams plastic surgery is something that talked about by people all over the world. Since she works as tennis player professionally, she also travels all over the world to join various competition.

That means many people from different parts of the world have seen her appearance. Since she won various medals in different competition, her name also known among tennis fans around the world.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Since a lot of people pay attention to Serena Williams closely, they would also talk about her appearance. Of course, her appearance in the tennis court is the main thing that they pay attention to. But that is more of her performance and not her physical appearance.

When she is off the court, the one that people pay attention is her physical appearance. That is when people see a few changes in Williams’ look. Because of that, rumor about her going under the knife then spread out among the fans.

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Nose Job

When you see her before and after picture, you can see the difference between her nose then and now. In her younger age, you can see that her nose bridge used to be flat and the size of her nose also bigger.

But if you see her today, you will notice that the bridge is no longer flat and her nose becomes pointier and smaller than before. This show that she might have done Serena Williams plastic surgery rhinoplasty. It is a very common procedure done to enhance the appearance of their nose.

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Breast augmentation

You might not be able to see the size of Williams breast clearly when she plays tennis. However, when you see her picture when she does not wear her uniform, you can see that her breast size used to be smaller even though it is not small in size.

But now, people notice that Williams’ breast are a lot bigger than they used to. Thus, a few people said that she might have use some implants to increase the size of her breast. However, the implant that she uses might not be too big since her real breast actually not that small. This subtle change really suits her and makes her proportion look amazing.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Butt Implants

It seems that Williams is a fan of implants since she does not only use them in her breast but also on her butt. You must have seen her picture in various media that shows how big her butt is.

To have a butt that big people usually use butt inserts that can be taken off. But even with butt inserts, you could not have a butt that size. So, people suspect that she might use butt implants to make her but size bigger than normal.


Even though there are a lot of types of surgeries that Williams might do, but she never admits or deny the accusation. That is why we do not know whether those accusation is true or not. But some of her changes cannot be done easily, so Serena Williams plastic surgery might also be real.

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