SK Plastic Surgery Los Angeles

SK plastic surgery Los Angeles offered satisfying result for your face and body enhancing procedure. If you want to get a plastic surgery either as cosmetic surgery or non-cosmetic purpose then you can contact this plastic surgery center.

SK plastic surgery has brilliant surgeon and teams to enhance your appearance. As one of the best surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. Steve S. Kim is specialized in cosmetic surgery for both body and face. He will try to make your appearance more attractive with safe procedures and natural-looking results.

Furthermore, Dr. Kim was graduated from top universities to get his MD and PhD degrees. With the most advanced technologies, experiences and education, he offers the best plastic surgery result.

List of treatment that you can get in SK Plastic Surgery Los Angeles

There are so many procedures in SK Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills Los Angeles which you can choose based on your need such as:

  1. Body lift

A body lift is a procedure that can make sagging skin look firm again. There are many factors that can cause sagging skin, such as weight loss or aging. The procedure can remove the sagging skin and make it tighten again in many parts of your body. Dr. Kim can perform this procedure in large number of areas such as:

  • Lower body lift
  • Upper body lift
  • Total body lift
  1. Liposuction

If you overweight or obese or you just want to get fast weight loss to gain ideal weight then you can try this procedure. It can make your body slimmer and leaner. You can request to lost some fats in many numbers of area such as in upper body (chin, upper arms, neck, male chest and back), midsection (buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen) as well as lower body (ankles, knees and calves).

  1. Face lift
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For those who are struggle with aging signs then you can erase those signs out of your face with this procedure. Of course, with the time passing, the visibility of aging will appear and to remove it, you can get facelift surgery. Here are the steps of facelift done by Dr. Kim in SK plastic surgery clinic Los Angeles:

  • Fat and facial skin reduction
  • Sagging facial muscle is then tightened
  • Last is skin redraping in very detailed manner

With such treatment, the patient can gain younger look with rejuvenated appearance.

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  1. Botox injections and dermal filler

If you want to smooth your wrinkles with non-surgical procedure then you can take Botox injection. This kind of injection helps to make your skin smoother and relax. A number of injections may be needed depending on the patient condition and concerns. So, please done some consultation before take this treatment.

As for dermal filler, the goals are to add volume, fill in wrinkles or alter face contours. You can request filler in number of areas like hands, face and neck. It can help to plump your lips and even hiding recessed scars.

There are still so many procedures offered by SK Plastic Surgery Lost Angeles beside those treatments mentioned above. For more information, you can contact the plastic surgery center.

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