Taraji Henson Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveTaraji Henson plastic surgery is something that a lot of people question about the American actress. As someone that already in their fifties, Henson still look as pretty as she was in her thirties.

Furthermore, some parts of her body and face seems to change which sparks the rumor about her going under the knife. If you are curious, let us see which type of procedures that she might done.

Taraji Henson Plastic Surgery Rumor

As American actress, Taraji Henson work in various movies and drama in Hollywood. We all know that Hollywood is a place that is full of pressure. Especially for women that have to always look pretty all the time.

Since she has work in the entertainment industry for years, surely, she has experienced the pressure for a long time. It would be a lie if she said she does not get affected by all of those pressures. However, whether she cope with the pressure by going under the knife or not, that is what we want to know.

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Body Implant

If you look at her before and after appearance from her early years to now, you will notice a few differences. Especially on her body since her breast appear bigger and her waist appear curvier than before.

This makes a lot of people think that she might have done enhancement to parts of her body. Wendy Williams Show producer also back up that thought by saying that some parts of her body are not real.

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It seems like she thinks very seriously regarding this accusation as she makes a direct respond about it in her Instagram comment. She denies the accusation and said that she does not use any enhancement to her body.

Taraji Henson Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Another rumor that spread around the entertainment industry is about Henson having some nose job. This procedure is done to reduce the size of someone’s nose bridge to make it thinner. Usually you can see how a person with nose job will have pointier nose and more sculptured shape bridge.

Of course, some people also accuse her of doing Taraji Henson plastic surgery rhinoplasty. Once again, Henson debunk the rumor when she makes public statement on a live video that she posts on her Instagram. She said that she does not do any nose job and her nose is still natural.


As someone who is already in her fifties, Henson is still as beautiful as ever. Usually someone her age already has a lot of wrinkles and various other aging signs. But as you can see, there is only minimum aging signs that you can find on her appearance.

This makes people questioned whether she uses some Botox injection on her skin. These injections along with other procedures can help to reduce wrinkles and makes face appear youthful. Unfortunately, she never addresses this rumor directly as she did with the previous rumors.


Taraji Henson is someone that is born with natural beauty. That is why she always denies the accusation of her having Taraji Henson plastic surgery. It is a good move so everyone knows that she does not have any work done.

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