Tatted Up Holly Before Plastic Surgery

Tatted Up Holly before plastic surgery has been on the surface since long ago. She has known to be an ex-girl friend of an American rapper, 50 Cent. Aside from 50 Cent, she also been linked to other rap stars or singer such as Jay Z and Trey Songs as well as the NBA star JR Smith.

As a model, of course many people speculated that she went under knife to have more beautiful appearance and perfect look. If you notice her before and after plastic surgery then you can definitely tell that she looks different and there is no way she can appear that different in a very short time. That’s why many people rumored her to have cosmetic surgery.

Tatted Up Holly before plastic surgery speculation

There is no doubt Tatted Up Holly is beautiful and have a good body shape. There are many ways you can do to have a model-like body shape, for example with hard diet, exercise or plastic surgery.

There are old photos of Tatted Up Holly surfaced on internet long ago that show she went under knife for liposuction. This is a procedure conducted to remove excessive fats and usually requested by those who want to have slim body shape in an instant or those who are difficult to get rid their fats in some of their body area.

And as for Tatted Up Holly, many people believe that she undergoes liposuction because her old photos showed that she looks fatter than her current appearance now. It is not surprising thing that a model should maintain their body shape due to the nature of their job. And if you compare Tatted Up Holly before and after surgery then you can really tell yourself that there is a lot of different in her appearance.

  • Butt lift
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There is no strong base for this rumor, but it seems that Tatted Up Holly also had butt lift to make her appearance better especially in the buttocks to make it look firmer and lifted. As you can also see on her old photos that she has small buttocks compared than her recent appearance in public. That’s why, many people also think that she got butt lift to get that kind of appearance.

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What about you? Do you think Tatted Up Holly plastic surgery rumor is true or not? It is not a really new thing in model industry that many model went surgery to have perfect body and a whole appearance.

There are so many plastic surgery procedures that can be done to enhance your appearance like nose job, facelift, cheek lift, and many more. And there are also so many non-surgery procedures to remove aging signs like Botox and fillers.

Tatted Up Holly may or may not went under the knife, but we should admit that she has great body shape and perfect fit for a model. However, since Tatted Up Holly before plastic surgery surfacing on the internet, many people often doubt her that she got her coke bottle body shape naturally.

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