Thalía Plastic Surgery – If you love Latin music, you must know about Thalia, she is dubbed as the queen in this industry. Not only she has good voice but she is also very beautiful. Even in her fifties, she could pass as someone in her twenties. That is why Thalia plastic surgery becomes huge deal in the Latin music industry since people want to know more about it. Especially since there are various rumors about it and some are more absurd than the other.

Thalía Plastic Surgery Ribs Removal Surgery.

One particular rumor recently comes out because of Thalia’s own post in her Instagram account. As you know, there are rumor before that she cut her own ribs so she can have slimmer waist.

We all know that slimmer waist is considered as beautiful especially in the old days. It can make woman’s body appear curvier since the waist looked smaller and the hip looked bigger. But of course, one can only have waist as small as their bones allowed.

That is why, there are some people that choose to go under the knife to remove their ribs. With their ribs removed their waist will be pushed inside thus make the waist small. However, the ribs are actually important part of your body that is used to protect your organ. That is why, this procedure is considered to be dangerous and unhealthy.

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After reading about this Thalia plastic surgery rumor, Thalia then talk about it in an interview. Then she also posts a picture of her with a jar of pickled rib bones inside. As we all know, Thalia loves to prank her fans so it is a way to tease them about the rumor.

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To make it more convincing, she even said that it is to provide some proof for the rumor. She then said that she loves her famous ribs and she actually kept the ribs together with her for years. She also wrote a question for her fans whether they think that she removed her ribs or not. Then finally she tags the post with the word myth to tell everyone that it is not true.

Various responds then comes from the Instagram post that take her fans by surprised. Some are shocked and show concern for her health. There are some news outlets that wrote it as news and said that Thalia plastic surgery is now confirmed since she most that picture.

We imagine that Thalia would be laughing while reading all of those comments and news. It is unbelievable how much rumor the media can create using a single Instagram post. Even though she already clearly tags the post with the word myth, people still believe it to be true.

That is why, she then revealed the truth and says that the bones in the jar is actually from animals instead of her own. Of course, some of her fans can finally breath as they know that their favorite celebrity does not do such dangerous procedure. Either way, now it is clear that Thalia plastic surgery does not happen and that she still has all of her ribs intact to her body.

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