Tina Turner Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – Everyone must know Tina Turner; this amazing singer is a worldwide phenomenon which awed people with her powerful voice. However, another power thing about her, is about Tina Turner plastic surgery which also spread widely around the world.

Since Turner is very famous since becomes one of the legendary singers that is well known. But with her fame also comes the rumor about plastic surgery. Especially since a lot of people see a few changes in her appearance before.

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Publication

The rumor about Tina Turner going under the knife is not a new thing. Even in the sixties era when she is very famous, having plastic surgery is something common for celebrity. Especially since during that era, having ideal appearance is very important for someone to gain fame.

Of course, Turner fame comes from her amazing singing ability. But besides that, the rumor also contributed a little to her face. Any publication is publication even if it is something that she does not want such as rumor about plastic surgery.

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Nose Job

Let us talk about the first procedure that she did which is Tina Turner plastic surgery nose job. When asked about the changes on her nose Turner said that she indeed going under the knife for a nose job. However, the procedure is done not because of cosmetic reason but for corrective reason.

Turner is abused by her ex-husband that slam her nose and broke it. However, she said at that time she did not do anything about it. After a while, her nose starts to heal itself but it begins to affect her sinus.

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She said that her sinus problem is very severe and disturb her especially during travel. Thus, she said that she needs to get a surgery to fix her broken nose and correct it. Because of the procedure now, she gets new nose that is better than her broken one.

Tina Turner plastic surgery Facelift and Botox

Many people might not know that Turner right now already in her early eighties since her face does not show much aging sign. Usually, someone that already in their eighties their skin tends to sag and a lot of wrinkles should form.

But you cannot see any of those aging signs on Turner face which still appear smooth without any lines. Her face also appears tight and young which kind of impossible to have for someone her age. That is why, we suspect that she might have done face lift to remove those sagging skins.

Meanwhile for the wrinkles that appear around her eyes, forehead and mouth area, she might be using Botox to remove it. It is a non-permanent procedure so she might need to inject the Botox after a while.


When asked about whether Tina Turner plastic surgery happen or not, she said that she did not do any other procedure besides the nose job that she said as corrective surgery. Thus, we could not be sure even though the evidence can be seen from before and after appearance. You need to decide everything yourself.

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