Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery

Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveTjelmeland Plastic Surgery will be able to give you the best experience with their ultimate care and services. This surgery center official name is Meridian Plastic Surgery. This facility is fully licensed and accredited in all aspects on the plastic surgery facility.

This surgical center is different from any other facility that you ever visit. They offer the latest and the best medical technology throughout the facility. This is to ensure that each patient will be safe and able to received the best care that they want. They also fully accredited by AAAASF that shows they have fulfilled of the standards required.

Dr Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery Center Surgeon

The founder of this facility is Dr Tjelmeland who hold Board Certification from ABPS. He finishes his study on plastic and general surgery from Baylor College of Medicine. The college itself is very famous of having the best training programs especially for cosmetic surgery.

Throughout his medical training Dr. Tjelmeland received Overall Excellence that show how talented he is. He had also recognized by Texas Monthly as Best Cosmetic Surgeon for five years.

He is specialized in various cosmetic surgery which includes body contouring surgery, liposuction, facial surgeries, and breast augmentation. He also able to perform various reconstructive surgery in different ranges.

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Procedures Available in The Facility

Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery offers various procedures that able to help you enhance your appearance. With these procedures you can rejuvenate your appearance and restore them to younger state that you had before. Here are some of the procedures available in the facility:

  1. Face procedure

These procedures are done to remove wrinkles, aging signs and sagging skins. If you want to make your face appear younger and fresher then you might want to try and get these procedures.

Furthermore, there are a few procedures that also help you to achieve the face shape that you want. These procedures are done by contouring your face to achieve natural beauty for your appearance.

The surgery that can be done for your face includes, face lift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, fat transfer, brow lift, and neck lift.

  1. Body procedure

If you have something that you undesired and wanting to remove them, then you can try to do several body procedures. These Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery procedures are done to reshape and contour various parts of your body to achieve the appearance that you want.

Dr. Tjelmeland will be able to give you the best solution for your problem so you can get beautiful result. Some of the procedures include liposuctions, body contouring, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and labiaplasty.

  1. Breast Procedure

If you want to improve the appearance of your breast then you might want to do this procedure. You can try to change the shape or the size of the breast by doing several surgeries.

Changing the appearance of your breast can help with the overall contour of your body. The procedures include breast augmentation, breast revision, breast lift, breast reduction, and gynecomastia.

Those are the procedures offered by Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery that can help you achieve the appearance that you want. You can have consultation first to know which surgery that is more suitable for your problem.

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