Tori Amos Plastic Surgery – As a singer Tori Amos surely have to maintain her appearance both on and off the stage. When she was young, she was praised for her natural beauty. It is understandable as it is a typical youth blossoming to adulthood. But that does not stop Tori Amos plastic surgery rumor.

Now that she has become more mature and reach middle age, people starting to see the difference. Especially since her face has drastically change which makes her look different from her old appearance.

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Fact Check

Of course, like a lot of American celebrities, Tori Amos never say anything sure about the surgery. This makes a lot of people wonder whether Tori Amos does plastic surgery or not. But let us see what the expert has to say about her current appearance.

As a professional plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif is able to detect some work that Tori Amos might have done. He said that she might have gone under the knife for an eyebrow lift. A common procedure for women her age as when people get older, their eyebrow tends to get droopy.

Dr Paul also said that another Tori Amos plastic surgery that might also be dome is rhinoplasty procedure. This can be seen from her picture where her nose appears more sculptured than before. The nose has become more streamlined and well defined than before.

Since she is already in her fifties, Tori Amos before and after might look very different to some people. Especially for younger audience that does not know her from when she is very popular. But that is why they can easily detect various kind of procedure that this singer might have done.

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A lot of people notice how her face still smooth without any wrinkles which is a typical sign of aging. In her age, there is no way, she does not have any wrinkles, so it shows that she might also get some facial lift done to her face and neck. This might also be the sign of Tori Amos plastic surgery that she done to her face.

Her smooth forehead and tight cheek are the evidence that she might have done some facelift. And she might also inject some dermal filler to her cheek as it looks plump and fresh. People in her age, tends to have saggy cheek but you cannot find this sign on her at all.


As you can see, Tori Amos might have gone under the knife for several procedures. Of course, she might not willing to admit any of those allegations herself. But from her picture we can see the evidence clearly even though she keeps denying it.

Furthermore, she is in the age where she should already have some wrinkles but as you can see her face is flawless even today. Of course, those wrinkles can be covered a little by the help of makeup.

Some lighting and change on the angle might also makes her appear different. But that still does not stop people from speculating that Tori Amos plastic surgery indeed happened. Especially since she still looks as beautiful as her younger days.

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