Van Susteren Plastic Surgery

Van Susteren Plastic Surgery

At the age of 68 years old, Van Susteren plastic surgery rumors had been surfaced since long ago. Greta Van Susteren is an American lawyer, commentator, tv news anchor who worked to several famous shows such as Fox News, CNN, Newsmax and MSNBC.

As a news anchor who often appears on television, of course her looks need to be maintained as good as possible even when she already reached certain ages. This is why despite being in her 60s, she still looks younger than her real age and this caused some people suspect Van Susteren went under the knife.

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Van Susteren plastic surgery rumors

  1. Botox injection, facelift and dermal fillers

If you look closely on her before and after plastic surgery rumors, then you can notice that certainty there is some difference in her overall look. Greta Van Susteren cosmetic surgery can be connected with her appearance which look younger than her real age. There is little to no aging signs like wrinkles or crow’s feet. Her forehead looks smoother compared with any other people in the same ages.

This is why many people speculated that she got some Botox injection to maintain her younger look. Besides that, she probably also got facelift and dermal fillers. All these procedures often being requested by people in their old age to remove aging signs so they appear fresh and youthful. And it seems the procedures resulted in a very great satisfying outcome since Van Susteren indeed looks better and younger.

  1. Eye lift and eye corner surgery

The eye lift surgery has been openly talked in her life, she even managed to get some interview regarding her eye lift procedure. She even admitted to have eye lift surgery and it seems she has no regret or feel shy to mention about it several times during her interview.

The eye lift helps her to appear better in front of the camera because it adds more beautiful eyes. And there are also some rumors that she got eye corner surgery to balance the eye lift procedure. The eye corner surgery helps her to get wider eyes and these procedures also help to get rid wrinkles as well as the crow feet around her eyes.

  1. Lips surgery

She apparently has been rumored to have lips surgery in order to get beautiful bow smile. Van Susteren lips plastic surgery create natural look when she smiles and it helps her to have more attractive and glamor smiles opposite to previous appearance.

As you may know, not all people were blessed by beautiful lips and smiles in their life. For people who work in front of the camera, this element becomes more important and it seems Greta has similar thought since she also went under the knife to create more cheerful and perfect smiling.

What about you? Do you believe those rumors regarding Van Susteren plastic surgery? As you may know, many people agree that cosmetic surgery go hand in hand with a career move and thus if Susteren really received plastic surgery procedures then it is not surprised anymore.

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