Wengie Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – Wengie is very popular YouTuber, she has millions of subscribers in her main channel as well as in her vlog channel. As always with fame, come Wengie plastic surgery rumors since her appearance seems different from before.

Furthermore, many people start to pay attention to her appearance as she becomes more famous. Thus, more and more eyes fall on her and more rumors start to circle around in various forums and social media.

Wengie Plastic Surgery Start from Fame

Wengie start her journey in YouTube as DIY YouTuber which is very popular at that era. Then she moves to the beauty industry as she start to upload more of beauty tips. This is when the rumors about her having plastic surgery starts.

Since beauty industry really pay attentions to their appearance, they also pay more attention to Wengie look. Thus, many before and after picture comes out that makes people questions about her appearance. This is why, Wengie plastic surgery becomes a hot topic among her fans, let us see some of the rumors.

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Asian Eyes procedure

First let us take a look on her eyes. Before the shape of her eyes is small which is normal for a Chinese person since her double eyelid is not that prominent. She also does not have any aegyosal which is fat that is located under the eyes which consider cute in Korean beauty standard.

However, if you see her appearance now, you will see that she has bigger eyes with more visible double eyelid. Furthermore, you can also find aegyosal under her eyes which makes her appearance look cuter. That is why many people suspect that she undergoes Asian eyes procedure to add those changes on her eyes.

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Wengie Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Wengie nose is the part that gains a lot of attention. The reason might be because her nose really gets a lot of changes. The detail can be seen on her old picture where her nose appear blur since she Photoshopped it.

Nevertheless, you can still see that her nose bridge appears wide in the picture. You can also see that her alars are larger in size. Meanwhile the nose tip is not defined but it is actually pretty normal for Asian nose.

What makes it not normal is the current appearance of her nose. You will notice that the nose bridge appears thinner and more defined then the alars also becomes smaller. She might be going under the knife to reshape her nose and using silicone filler on the nose to sharpen it.

Chin procedure

If you see Wengie old appearance, you will notice that her chin is short and blunt. However, if you see her current appearance you will see that now she has sharper chin that appear long. This show that she goes under the knife for Wengie plastic surgery on her chin. This procedure is done so she can have more oval face shape with sharper jawline.


From the changes that we can see on her appearance, you can conclude that Wengie plastic surgery might happen. However, she never admits any of that which is why we cannot be sure and only able to speculate.

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