Wonho Monsta X Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – Wonho is is very handsome and popular singer that used to be a part of Kpop Boyband Monsta X. Lee Ho Seok is his real name. Before he joins the band, he is very famous as ulzzang. That is when Wonho Monsta X Plastic Surgery rumour start.

Ulzzang is a word used by Korean to describe someone that has the most handsome or pretties face. So, he is always known as someone with handsome face even before he joins Monsta X. His ulzzang name is Shin Ho Seok as he is known to be very handsome and fancy.

Wonho Monsta X Plastic Surgery Fact Check

Since Wonho is known as ulzzang then it is not a surprise that people also want to know whether wonho has plastic surgery or not. Especially since a lot of ulzzang are known to get their pretty and handsome face through plastic surgery.

Of course, not everyone does that as some of them are naturally beautiful. But that does not eliminate the question did Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery really happens or not. Especially since the reason why Starship Entertainment contact him in the first place is because he was known as ulzzang.

In his ulzzang days, he is known with his high school look that look very fancy and pretty. If you search for Shin Ho Seok ulzzang on the internet, you will see a lot of picture of his high school days.

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Wonho Appearance During the Monsta X Era

Wonho’s appearance then is very different with this Monsta X era where he appears more charismatic and fiercer. You can see this from a lot of thick and heavy make up look that he adorns when he performs on stage. Because of this change a lot of people think that Wonho really have plastic surgery.

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Another noticeable change that people see is on his nose. A lot of people notice how Wonho nose becomes slightly pointier on certain angle. His nose also appears sharper when he’s doing certain expression which makes people think Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery rhinoplasty had happened.

Wonho Appearance After Leaving Monsta X

A lot of fans are shocked when learn that Wonho is leaving Monsta X. The reason is because he is involved in several controversies at that moment. But he does not want the other member to get involved so he chooses to leave the group instead.

After he leave Monsta X, he to focus more on building his body. We all can see that he loses a lot of weight and gain a lot of muscle instead. This surely affect this appearance and face since he looks thinner. His chubby chick disappears and his face becomes more chiseled. That is when people think that the might get some job done during his absent from the band.


Wonho really change a lot especially compared to his ulzzang days. Not only he becomes more handsome but the shape of his nose and face also looks different. Does that mean Wonho Monsta X plastic surgery is real? Some people think that Wonho did go under the knife. But some people argue that the change is only because of make up and his weight loss.

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